How to play

Participation is 100% free, without registration. In order to take part in the drawing, it is enough just to visit our Website and perform simple actions at least every hour, every day.

• You must to be over 18 to participate.

• In order to participate in the draw you need to watch the video on the Website from beginning to end, do not rewind or refresh the page. At the same time, the advertisement that will be inserted into the video must also be viewed.

• A time count is going while you're watching the video on the Website.

• After viewing, the viewing number will be displayed under the video. This is your viewing number.

• If your viewing number won, you will see a congratulation on the screen, information about the amount won and how to get the win.

• Next time you can take part no earlier than an hour later, as you will see a warning on the page below the video.

• Our site maintains its count of views, which may differ from the views on our YouTube channel. 

• We will mark our winners on the map. Also congratulate in our Facebook community.

• Subscribe, like the video and daily participate in the draws thereby increasing the chance to win!


How much can you win

Below you can see the winning amounts that depend on your viewing number:

• 1 000th - $10

• 3 000th - $10

• 5 000th - $10

• 7 000th - $10

• 10 000th - $20

• 50 000th - $20

• 100 000th - $100

• 500 000th ( 1 500 000th, 2 500 000th,...) - $500

• 1 000 000th ( 2 000 000th, 3 000 000th,...) - $1 000

We will inform you via our Facebook community about additional drawings, as well as about the increase in winning amounts.



If you win

If after the end of viewing video your viewing number is one of the above - you WON!  CONGRATULATIONS!!!

You will automatically receive a confirmation that you have won and information about further actions to receive money.

Money can be received by transfer using the following payment systems: WesternUnion, MoneyGram, Inteliexpress or we can make alternative payment arrangements. Please contact us to find a suitable way to receive your winnings.